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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kipling Mixte Double Up Shoulder Bag - Black

RM299 only! Ada satu unit je, almost 50% off retail price.

Kipling Mixte Double Up Shoulder Bag - Black
The Kipling Double-Up Sh is a captivating shoulder bag to trust in looking after your prized must-haves.
This refined design can be happily carried in hand or worn on the shoulder with the reliant dual handles. There is also a single detachable strap that gives you the opportunity to wear at ease across the body too.
Ensuring that all personal items are within hands reach are a variety of compartments, such as 1 zip secured pocket, 1 clipped key chord, 1 pen slot, 1 mobile phone pocket and 1 other slip pocket inside the main zipped interior, which is fully lined with a statement monkey pattern.
The Kipling name stands out on the central zip, as well as on the upmarket metal plate that clips the roomy front pocket shut.
There are also 2 useful open pockets based on either side of the bag and a shiny robot monkey key chain is attached nearby.
Weight: 553g
Size: 30cm X22cm X17.5cm
Removable shoulder strap included (65cmX143.5cm)

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